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1.4.8: Suggested Save from JetBrains, one-click save from Chrome

AUTHOR: The Pieces Crew

A couple of major feature releases today, with the theme of enabling you to save snippets in 1 second or less directly from your tools such as Chrome and IntelliJ.

More broadly, this marks the launch of Suggested Save, the first of several major machine learning-driven features to come. Look for a lot more work on deepening our functionality inside the tools you use all day as a developer.

JetBrains Extension (including IntelliJ and PyCharm)

Get the JetBrains Extension here!

Saving a Piece

  • Users can now enable Suggested Snippet Save, where Pieces identifies reuse patterns in your workflow in JetBrains and suggests snippets to be saved to Pieces.

  • This is the first of many advanced, machine learning-driven features to come where Pieces will be proactively helpful for users.

  • To enable, go to Preferences > Tools > Pieces and click on Suggested Save.

Viewing and Reusing a Piece

  • Users can view their saved pieces inside the JetBrains suite via the right-click menu or from the Tools menu.

  • Users can insert a snippet from Pieces to their cursor position inside JetBrains via the right-click menu or from the Tools menu.

Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 2.29.40 PM.png

Chrome Extension

Get the Pieces Chrome Extension here.

  • Adds a button to save code snippets from any webpage to Pieces - think Medium, StackOverflow or posts.


image (1).png

Pieces for Developers

Pieces for Developers is the core user-facing Pieces application.

  • Users can now click the carousel icon to open the Quick Menu for the focused snippet.

  • General performance and stability enhancements

Pieces API

Everything we develop is on top of the Pieces API. We're excited to welcome third-party developers who want to build applications on top of our infrastructure. Email us at for more details.

  • General performance and stability enhancements

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